Welcome to the world of personalised framing as it was intended to be.

We are a small to medium business situated in the heart of the Vela art route, driven by people with a desire to empower people of all spectrums of life to own a thing of beauty.

How our team met is of lesser importance, but who we are together is what started our voyage!

Arto Martha framing emporium was born from the need of an up and coming artist, Martha, to be able to have art pieces preserved and enhanced in a manner that will reflect the precision, quality and dedication given to the creation of the piece itself.

In the search for quality at a reasonable price it was discovered that services available do not have the right balance between quality and price. There were the providers that provided high quality products but at a price that is not reasonable to the consumer. On the other hand the reasonable priced vendors do not show the ability to quality.

After completing her studies, Martha, at that time employed by a well known organisation in a senior position, decided to put preach to practice and started on the road to providing a high quality, reasonable priced framing service. No shortcuts were taken in making sure that only the best manufacturing equipment as well as the highest standard manufacturing material was purchased. To make sure dividend can be drawn from the capital outlay, training was sourced from a company in Cape Town. Equipment was also purchased from the same company who has the sole distributing rights of this equipment in South Africa. After shipment of the machinery to Pretoria the services of an experienced carpenter, by chance, became available and was immediately incorporated.